Shockingly Simple

Seeing the struggle Clients continually have initiating sales near the seasonal highs, we realized changes were necessary.  We adapted to our Client's needs by developing a simple visual aid - Target Zone Charts.  Immediately after our fall harvest in 2009, we began "showing" our Clients through our innovative Target Zone Charts the price range where grains would peak in the coming year.  They "got the picture" in a picture format.

Many Clients called saying how this simple change, information already provided them in a written format, made the marketing of their grain so simple.  "Shockingly simple!" as stated by one Client.  Shortly after placing our Target Zone Charts in the hands of our Clients, we begin fine tuning our recommended pricing points within our predicted Target Zone Highs.  (See "Recent Market News Updates")  This innovative change is just another step taken by Ag Masters as we continue to Make Grain Marketing Simple 

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